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We simplify and optimize your international distribution.

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Export Solution

We operate in multiple countries offering a turnkey solution fully managed by XECO.

Bringing value to your business supply chain.

Increase your sales
Maximize your performance online and add a distribution channel to your business. Benefit from our multilingual sales team expertise and support.
Export your brand
Expanding abroad or just starting out, XECO helps you do just that! We sell in the United States, The United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy.
Outsource your operations
Exporting is a complex task, XECO handles the entire process for you. International markets are now just one step away, a smooth and efficient answer.
Access international markets
Take advantage of our international business structure and leverage our domestic market knowledge to enhance your e-commerce metrics abroad.
product selection
We analyze your products for business opportunities and available countries.
XECO handles logistics, prepping of goods and takes care of duties and clearance.
XECO is your expert amazon store management partner. We drive growth.
Export Strategy
Your product, your identity. We work as a partner and extension of your brand’s team.
International logistics
XECO consolidates shipments, ships and stores your products domestically abroad.
Performance Report
We monitor your brand online, deliver value to end consumers and bring you results.

complete and comprehensive logistics service.


A pick up of goods at the manufacturer for a delivery to XECO warehouses is arranged.


XECO manages and consolidates international inventory, prep goods for export and ships!


Your products are stored abroad, ready to be sold and delivered domestically with tracking.

How to get started?
Key points for exporting
A brand
Your product differentiates itself and offers value to the market. You own the intellectual property of the brand, you are the manufacturer.
Product availability
Your goods are available within a short lead-time of reordering and you are able to offer flexible minimum order quantities.
International Packaging
An adequate product packaging suited for export, shipping and storage. Each unit must have a designated and unique EAN or UPC barcode.
Product Compliance
Products have been tested, verified and comply with regulations of foreign destination markets with a 12 month minimum BBD if applicable.

XECO bypasses traditional export channels to
access international markets with e-commerce.